Compliance with

National Flood

Insurance Program

 Compliance with National Flood Insurance Program

Whereas, the council of Bolivar Borough, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania has indicated by Resolution of even date, an interest in the National Flood Insurance Program, and

Whereas, the Council has agreed to take such official action, as may be reasonably necessary to carry out the objectives of the Program.

Now Therefore, be it resolved by the Council of Bolivar Borough, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, beginning immediately upon adoption of this Resolution shall do the following.

     1. Require building permits or exemption certificates for all proposed construction or other improvements in the community.

     2. Review all building permit applications for new construction or substantial improvements to determine whether proposed building sites will be reasonably safe from flooding. if a proposed building site is in a location which has a flood hazard, any proposed new construction or substantial improvement including pre-fabricated and mobile homes must

          a. be designed or modified and anchored to prevent flotation, collapse, or  lateral movement of the structure,

          b. use construction material and utilities equipment that are resistant to flood damage, and

          c. use construction methods and practices that will minimize flood damage.

     3. Review subdivisions proposals and other proposed new development to assure that

          a. all such proposals are consistent with the need to minimize flood damage

          b. all public utilities and facilities such as sewers, gas, electrical and water        systems are licated, elevated and constructed to minimize or eliminate flood damage   and

          c. adequate drainage is provided so as to reduce exposure to flood hazards and

     4. Require new or replacement water supply systems and / or eliminate infiltration of flood waters into the systems and discharge from the system to flood waters, and require on site waste disposal systems to be located so as to avoid impairment of them or contamination from them during flooding.

Passed this 1st day of December 1975

President of Council


Joan Lichtenfels


Approved and enacted this 1st day of December 1975

Original on file in Ordinance Book page 198 & 199 ‚Äč