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Sunshine Notice for 2019

Monday January 7, 2019 - Re-Organizational Meeting 6:30 PM followed by Regular Monthly Meeting

Thursday February 7, 2019               Thursday March 7, 2019          Thursday April 4 2019

Thursday May 2, 2019                         Thursday June 6, 2019            Friday July 5, 2019

      Thursday August 1, 2019                     Thursday September 5 2019   Thursday October 3, 2019

Thursday November 7, 2019                Thursday December 5, 2019


Tom Pickup - Mayor                     Clark Baird -   President            Sue Bartow -  Vice President

​ Lewis McLaughlin - Council Person                 Calin Gropp  - Council Person                  Jeffrey Miller - Solicitor

​Ron Betts- Street  Commissioner           Patricia Betts - Secretary / Treasurer


Jessica Betts - Tax Collector           724-990-8052           

Office Hours : Wednesdays 12 Noon  - 6 PM

To pay taxes in person -  894 Walnut St Bolivar, PA 15923   Note* Use Rear Entrance at Alley

By Mail:  Address to Jessica Betts - Bolivar Borough Tax Collector - PO Box 52, Bolivar PA 15923


Tax Rates for 2019 are as Follows:

Amusement Tax 5%  OR $10.00 PER MACHINE                   Ordinance # 1994-3

 Local Services Tax $ 52.00 per year    Ordinance # 2016-1

Per Capita Tax 1/2 %   OR $5.00 PER  PERSON 18 AND OLDER       Ordinance # 2018-2

 Real Property Tax  14 Mills         Ordinance # 2018-3

 Real Property Transfer Tax 1/2 %  Ordinance # 1985-1

Occupational Privledge Tax  1 % of earnings 


When purchasing a home in Bolivar the following Lien Clearance Letters are required before closing:  Please contact the listed Authority to find out the cost of a Clearance Letter:  All letters need to include the property Parcel # and physical Address and current owner name.

Bolivar Borough - Municipal Lien Clearance Letter    724-676-9950   Mailing address: PO Box C Bolivar PA 15923 $5.00 fee required - this includes research fee plus clearance letter.  Make check payable to Bolivar Borough. 

Jessica Betts, Tax Collector - Real Estate Clearance Letter - 724-990-8052  Mailing Address: PO Box 52 Bolivar PA 15923  $10.00  fee required - this includes research fee plus clearance letter.  Ck made payable to: Jessica Betts, Tax Collector

Tri- Community Sewage Authority - Sewage Clearance Letter - 724-676-5631  Mailing Address PO Box 86 Bolivar PA 15923  $50.00 fee required- this includes dye test and letter.  Ck made payable to Tri-Community Sewage Authority

HighRidge Water Authority - Water Clearance Letter - 724-459-8033 Mailing Address 17 Maple Ave, Blairsville PA 15712  $15.00 fee required - this includes research and clearance letter.  Connection fees- are determined by HighRidge Water Authority ,  Mandatory must connect to public water.

Web Site:  www.//HighRidgeWater.org

Embrace Recovery from all types of Addiction and Abuse:     mynewleaf.com 724-244-9288 ask for Ray Brannon

Mesothelioma:  https://mesothelioma.net/ for health and safety issues 

History  of our Town 

Incorporated in 1863, the Westmoreland County Borough, partially surrounded by Fairfield on the Indiana County line, was then a flourishing community.  It consisted mostly of Eastern European and Scottish immigrants who came to work at the Pennsylvania Canal, located along the Conemaugh River.  Later, when the canal was closed, those same people got jobs in the several brickyards that gave Bolivar the name of "brick town."  Bolivar is said to have been one of the oldest centers for fire brick manufacturing in the United States, second only to Mt Savage in Maryland.  The area around Bolivar is rich in flint clays which is ideal for making fire brick.  It is interesting to note that within the first twenty or thirty years of brick making in Bolivar, the industry had gone from building bricks to fire bricks.  With the industrial rise of coke production and steel making, the demand for high quality fire bricks had started on an upward rise that would last for several decades.  The presence of unusually fine fire making clays in the area and the proximity to steel furnaces in Pittsburgh made Bolivar the center of this industry. 

The 2015-2016  census reflected a population of 465.

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622 Washington Street, P.O. Box C, Bolivar, PA  15923  ♦  Phone: 724-676-9950  ♦  Email: BoroTreas@comcast.net