This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting opened by Lou McLaughlin, President  at 7 pm.


Ron Betts, Gladine McMaster, Keith St Clair, Clark Baird, Sue Bartow, Lou McLaughlin

Absent: Jeffery Miller, Solicitor

Gen Public, Zach Burtop, Sheri Burtop Cassandra Burtop, Scott Sanders

Old Business:

Approval of February minutes

 Motion made by Gladine to accept minutes, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report

Sue asked if GAI Consultants is Keith or Apex?  Pat confirmed that Keith is GAI Consultants.   

Motion to approve made by Gladine, 2nd by Sue, all in favor motion passed.

Solicitor Report:  Absent.  Pat said Jeffery called and said he was extremely sick and would not be here tonight.

Public Comment.

  Scott Sanders heard we were looking for a Code Enforcement officer.  He used to be one in Arnold City.  If come available again please keep me in mind.  He also said he was a retired police officer and fireman.

Sue asked if he had background experience in that position.   Mr. Sanders's said yes.

Lou asked Zach, Cassie and Sheri if they had any public comment.  All said no.   

Update on insurance rider for volunteers.

Pat said she talked to Steven from FWF and was told we did not need a rider on the policy since the parks was already on the insurance.  All volunteers are included.  If someone got hurt they would use their own insurance for medical treatment.  It did not matter if they were cutting trees or fell into a hole they would still use their own medical insurance to cover.

The Borough falls under government indemnity for any lawsuits against the Borough.

Update on easement rights for Cunningham property.

Tabled to next month meeting to find out if Jeffery got the documents registered with the county.  Pat said she received all the original signatures from the 3 Cunningham's and gave the paperwork to Jeffery for filing.

Update on PA Small Water and H2O grant and Local Share Grant

Pat received the following message from Keith Vasas.

1.  He has a call on Friday 3-10 at 1:15 PM with staff for Senator Casey Appropriations.

2.  Danielle Frye from Westmoreland County is getting me a meeting with Zelenkofsky Axelrod, LLC

 ( County financial advisor) related to your ARPA funding request.

3.  Stephen Schelander from DCED has sent me questions about your Covid H2O and Pa Small Water and Sewer funding request.  Keith sent some clarifications.  The questions were similar to what he did for your LSA funding request. 

4. The LSA funding request may be on the Commonwealth Financing Authority agenda on March 16. It is their next meeting. We will need to see if the grants are approved  at this meeting or deferred to the May meeting.

5.  CDBG funding request for 2023.  Jen Woodling told me that they received over $10 million in requests and Bolivar Borough was not selected to receive funding in this round.  Jen encouraged the Borough to apply for the 2024 round.  It seems like they intend to fund the Borough again in 2024.

No other old business

New Business:

Liquid Fuels funds came in at $18,879.42 which is $78.23 more than what we were given information on back in September.

Town Audit Completion

Past said it has been completed.  Singer Accounting is sending out final audit results.  Everything is good.

Information on any new grants.

Pat said we have a Penn Vest loan grant for Out Reach Events.  This is to happen on March 30 at 1PM at the Conservation District in Greensburg. 

We also have Between March 1 and Nov 16, Penndot will be collecting data on traffic flow between 2nd and 3rd on Market Street. 

The Bolivar Fire Company is asking for donation from Borough.  It was commented that we cover their workers comp and help towards their fire equipment insurance, so we do not do donation also. 

Clark said at LaMantia's they have a signup sheet to try to get a Bus stop again in town to take people back and forth to Johnstown.  Clark said this would be a good thing if we can get it.

Pat said also the American Rescue Plan says we have until Dec 31, 2024 to decide where the funds are to be obligated and then have all funds gone by 2026. 

Sue asked about a grant we had applied for that has a $30,000 match.  Pat said Keith is trying to do away with that as well. That match was on the PA Small Water and H2O grant. 

Clark asked Pat if she had a contact person phone number for when senior living was trying to come into town.  Maybe they would be interested in buying Dutch's property and put several houses in there.

Sue said it was through the county.  She does not recall which section of the county was going to do.

Pat to look up Representative Doug Chew number and give to Clark.

Is there any other business:

Lou said he is to call Ed.  He has a couple of concerned citizens and let them know the sidewalk is below the road.  Moral of the story is they are not done yet.  He said he will asked Ed if he thinks the sidewalks are a little low or not.    Pat asked if Lou has any idea of the fixing of the lower park area that got messed up.  Pat has had people asking about that location also.  Lou said Curry & Kepple will fix it all up when they come back to put sidewalk in and fix the road.

Mayor report:

Clark said nothing unless someone has a complaint they want to give us

Sewage Report

Lou asked Zach if anything going on at Sewage.  Zach said meeting next week. 

Street Commissioner Report

Ron said we put 122 miles on truck since January but did not put any fuel in the truck. 

Zero turn –0 miles 0 gas

Truck shows 1,785 miles on speedometer

Got a call today about Crabeapple lane again about water draining into neighbor yard again. 

Lichtenfels want to know what can be done about it.  Seems sloped the wrong way. 

Parks & Rec

We had the painting events this past Sunday.  Another paint shop has been scheduled for April 2 between 5 and 7 PM.  26 people had signed up but not all showed up. 

Mellissa sill doesn't have costs for tree cutting and trimming. 

The Legion wants to have a Blue Grass Festival July 4th.  They wish to close the ally and side street by Legion.  Lou told them to come to the May meeting to discuss. 

Pat also mentioned we will have a $30 credit on our Comcast security camera bill because we did not have security camera's for 2 weeks.  the IP address was changed when they had several outages on Feb 14th.  We just got it fixed.

Also the skid-steer will be going on Municibid this upcoming week.  Had to get pictures done first.  Got the skid steer in several different poses to show that it still functions.  This will help in the sell of it. Wanted to make sure we had enough time and it to end close to our next meeting so voting can be done. 

Motion made to adjourn meeting at 7:35 PM by Keith, 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed. 


Patricia Betts