Jan 3, 2022 
​​​​​​​re-organization and regular minutes

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Jeffery Miller, Solicitor at 6:30 PM.
Present: Lewis McLaughlin, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Keith St.Clair, Gladine McMaster, Ron Betts
Absent: Sue Bartow
Public Attendance: Dan Short, JR, Clark Baird, Zach Burtop, Cassandra Lester.

Jeffery asked for nomination for the following positions.
Council President - Ron motions to elect Lou as, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed.
Vice President - Gladine motions to elect Keith 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed.
Street Commissioner - Keith motions to elect Ron 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed.
Assistant Street commissioner - Ron motions to elect Gladine, 2nd by Keith, Lou opposes motion passed.
Solicitor: Lou motions to elect Jeffery 2nd by Ron all in favor motion passed
Secretary/Treasurer - Lou motions to elect Pat, 2nd by Keith, all in favor, Ron abstains, motion passed
Sewage Committee Representatives - All positions are filled at the present time, remain as is.
Bank: Remains S &T Bank - Gladine motions to stay with them 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed.
Signatures on bank Account: Lou motions to keep the same 2nd by Keith, Ron opposes, motion passed
Auditor: Singer accounting cost this year is $3350. Motion to keep the same Keith 2nd by Gladine all in favor motion passed. Pat to ask for a new contract from Singer Accounting.
Insurance Carrier: Motion to keep FWF Ins made by Keith, 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed.
Chairman of Vacancy Board: Lou motion to keep Jeffery, 2nd by Gladine all in favor motion passed.
Engineer: Leave open for as needed basis.
EMC/EMS - B.J. Brett - Keith motion to keep BJ 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed.
Tax Collecting Committee Rep - for earn income tax - currently leave open until we have established a tax collector.

Jeffery asked Cassy if she has taken her tax collector certification. We do not have a copy on record. She said she sent to County. Jeffery informed her we need to have her certifications on file at the Borough office before she can be eligible for the position for Borough. Office is currently vacant until we have the documents in hand and council appointed to the position.

Meeting to discuss the position will be scheduled for January 11th 7 PM. Pat to advertise in paper for general purposes.

Motion to adjoin the re-organization meeting was made by Keith 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed. at 6:45 PM.

Executive secession is requested at this time for personnel matters. Request Clark Baird to also attend

Regular Meeting
January 3, 2022

Old Business:
New Mayor Appointment:
Gladine motions to appoint Clark Michael Baird as the new Mayor for a current 4 year term, 2nd by Ron all in favor motion passed.

Approval of December 2 and Dec 9 minutes
Lou mentioned an error in the Dec 2, meeting. A correction on raising taxes by 2 mils. Sue opposed. This needs to be added.

Keith motion to accept 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report

Motion to accept made by Keith 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed.

Update on Municibid sale of old truck and police car items:
Truck sold for $7,350.00, (starting bid was $2500) Keith motion to accept sale 2nd by Gladine all in favor motion passed.
Siren sold for $130.00 (starting bid was $20) Gladine motions to accept sale, 2nd by Ron all in favor motion passed.
Locking gun rack sold for $21 (starting bid was. ($15) Lou motion to sale and Gladine 2nd, all in favor motion passed.
Emergency light bar sold for $71.00 (starting bid was $20) Gladine motion to accept, 2nd by Keith all in favor motion passed.

Keith recommends to take the sale of all items above and put into a separate account for new equipment. Ron 2nds all in favor motion passed.

Solicitor report:
Jeffery said we have two matters to discuss. They are ordinances.
Public comment: None at this time.

New Business:
Ordinance 1 of 2022 - Secretary/Treasurer Ordinance signing.
Pat read the Ordinance to everyone. Keith motion to accept, Ron 2nd all in favor motion passed.

Ordinance 2 of 2022 - Sinking fund loan for truck

Jeffery said this Ordinance is borrowing funds of $93,000 at 3.2% to get new borough truck for 7 years. Keith motions to accept, Gladine 2nd all in favor motion passed.

Reimbursement for Notarization of truck loan documents - Pat requesting funds to be reimbursed for getting documents notarized. Gladine motions reimbursements, 2nd by Keith, Ron abstains, motion passed.

Gladine- Request for Resolution and or Ordinance for appealing reassessment of properties.
Gladine would like to see an Ordinance so council can contest home owners who wish to get their properties reassessed. Jeffery said we really don't need one because we get notified each time and council can request appeal at any time for this. Can do on a case by case basis.

Wex Card for diesel fuel for truck / or changing tank from gas to diesel
Keith asked how much gas we currently have. Keith and Lou was thinking we still need gas for mowers.  The wex card is no charge to us since we are a government agency. Everyone discussed what they read and Keith made motion to apply for wex card, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed.

Transfer of $2500 to Parks for year per Ordinance
Keith motions to transfer funds, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed.

Audit of 2021 book of Jan 6th.
Pat said Singer accounting is coming down Tuesday Jan 6th to do the audit of books. Need another contract for auditing from Singer Accounting for 3 more years, yes or no.  Council asked to get a new contract.  Pat to contact Singer Accounting and have her bring to audit on Thursday.

Power washer - Keith or Ron
Keith said since we are purchasing a new truck we need to keep the vehicle a little clean. We have no water at Quonset hut so can use from the Borough. Keith, Ron and Gladine can look around for pricing. Discussion at next meeting.

USDA housing preservation Home repair program.
Grants for homeowners in the local area who are low income and in need of major repairs on their homes. Individuals can apply and receive funds. Can qualify for up to $6,000.

Time Clock needs repaired. - hands no longer move - Pat to take to Mr. Newhouse in New Alexandria for estimate of repairing time clock.

Quonset hut repair
Back of Quonset hut bottom is all rotted off. Need to get 2x6 boards and bolts to fix like we did the other side. Ron considered replacing the steel panels but we really don't need to do it that way. Will cost approx $250 to fix. Keith motions to spend $250 for the boards. Jeffery said he thinks he has the boards and he will give to Borough. Just need to get the screws.

No other business.
Sewage report: Zach said nothing at this time.

Mayor report. Clark asked if there was ever a sign at 7th & Washington Street. Clark said a concerned citizen almost had a wreck because no sign is either way. Discussion was made whether the sign was still at Marino's or not. Ron or Gladine will check. Jeffery said we would need an engineer study to put a sign in at 7th and Washington.

Parks & Rec
We are doing a Rippy Party on February 19th at the Legion. Tickets are $5 and only have 150 to sell.

Street Commissioner Report
Lou asked if the kids from Career Link have been coming in. Ron said they were here today and cleaned out several drains they got clogged again by the rain.
Lou mentioned 5th street hole starting again and asked for Greg to put some more stone in the hole.

No other business to discuss, motion to adjourn, Keith motions, 2nd by Ron meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Patricia Betts