Concert in Burkey Park from 4- to 6 PM.  Band "Long Road Home . 
We are also having our 2nd Annual Cow Plop Event from 2 to 4 PM.  Come join for the fun.  Wild Music, pull tickets, food, drink and entertainment.  Purchase a plot for $20 and hope to win 1/2 of the Prize money if the cow plops on your plot.  Only 120 plots being sold.  Your chance to win $1200.
Be Aware:  If the cow does not plop at the close of the event at 4 PM then what ever plot the cow's left hind foot is on is the winner.  Also if the cow plops on two squares or the cow's left hind foot is on 2 squares then the winning amount of the $1200 will be split in 2 and each person will walk away with $600.  

Also note: The number on your ticket is not your number. Your name will be assigned to a number randomly and you will be given a map of the game at entry to the event.  Each plot will be shuffled by the computer and not in numeric order.  

Band is sponsored by the following business