Bolivar Borough is accepting ids for sale of their 2008 Police Interceptor Crown Victoria Car.

All bids will be received via Public Auction on the Municibid Web Site at www.municibid.com
until 5 PM December 1, 2020.  prevailing time.  All bids must be placed on line.  The borough will accept no direct bids at the Borough Office or by mail.  The bids will be reviewed and awarded on December 4th 2020 at 7 PM during our regular monthly council meeting to the highest qualified bidder.  Notice of the award will be posted at the Borough office and on our Web Site on the next business day following the award.  Vehicle is sold "AS IS" Condition The Borough reserves the right to reject all bids.  The winning bidder will transport the vehicle from the Borough office at 622 Washington Street, Bolivar PA and will pay all transfer and title fees, taxes, and costs. Payment in full must be made within 5 days by "Certified Check or Money Order only.  Car will not be released to new owner until winning bid amount has been paid.  Arrangement's will be made to go with new owner to Tag Store and or notory to transfer title and get plates unless you bring a trailor to transport vehicle.  If vehicle is sold to another Municipality the police items (emergency light bar, radio, siron ) will remain.  If sold to private individual all police items will be removed and signs removed from sides of vehicle before vehicle will be released.  

Arrangement's to inspect the vehicle in person can be made by contacting Patricia Betts at 571-238-5190 or visit on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 2 PM at the Borough office.  
Vehicle has very low mileage " 16,385", Valid inspection sticker until April 2021, no rust spots, interior has not stains, or tears.  Front seats are cloth and rear seats are leather.  Cage is also installed which will remain with vehicle.  
Sale starts November 17 at 9 Am and closes December 1 ad 5 PM.